Eastman Minor Hockey Association is committing 60% to Development.

Player Development programs for the Region

– Focus on individual player skill development.  All players in the program would be afforded the opportunity to get additional instruction by certified skill instructors as an extra program offered by the region.

– Skill Testing of players as a tool for developmental focus.

Mentorship Programs, for Coaches and Officials 

– Eastman is focused on developing the coaches in our region to ensure growth of skills and knowledge in the members who are actively involved in the program coaching our youth.  A mentorship program will be implemented to equip our coaches with the tools to impact    players’ skill development on a permanent basis.

– Officials, providing increased funding to supervision and mentorship of officials to ensure opportunities in advancement.  Eastman has a strong base of officials and believes in the importance of developing a program to benefit this sector of our membership.


Eastman Minor Hockey Association is committing 20% to provide funding directly to our minor associations for grants to subsidize special events and programs facilitated by local associations.

– Associations would be able to apply for funding to subsidize programs such as player development, officials, subsidies, etc. within their own associations.

Eastman Minor Hockey Association is committing 10% to the Provincial Midget AAA team for future capital costs incurred by the team.

Eastman Minor Hockey Association is committing 10% to a fund for future development of Provincial Midget AAA players.